boy thrashes girl

In a shocking incident, A CCTV video has emerged from Uttar Pradesh, showing a girl was allegedly assaulted for rejecting his love proposal.

The video shows a youth approaching two girls who appears to be getting down from a two wheeler and the youth is seen having a brief conversation with one of the girls and suddenly begins attacking her, slapping her repeatedly.

He continues to assault her till another woman appears on the footage. The youth is then seen trying to pacify the girl and touching her feet.

Watch Video Here:

The girl’s friend is then seen talking on the phone while the youth once again tries to speak to the victim.

Then later, Police arrested the youth by the complaint given by the girl. In her complaint, she said that, ” I first met him on Facebook and became friends but later i have started avoiding him because of his behaviour “.

Now police started investigating the further details through the CCTV footage.


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