Finally, Whatsapp announces colourful status updates on WhatsApp. After testing it in beta for a while, this new feature that will allow users to post status updates with colourful backgrounds.

This feature was first introduced by Facebook in the late last year on its Android app, allowing its users to write their status update with a colourful background, font, and emoji combination.

Now, this upcoming feature was first spotted by Android Police website. The company has now started rolling out this feature for its Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp’s beta builds, the new status feature on Android and iOS users, it has been remotely activated, and full-fledged rollout is awaited. While some users may see the feature, others will see it pop up soon.

Android users will notice a floating pen icon placed in the Status tab at the bottom of the screen. After clicking on the icon, they will get an option to type a status and select a particular font, background colour and emoji.

On the other hand, the tipster also revealed that iPhone users will now support stickers and improved chat search functionality. The stickers are disabled for the time being but will be soon made available to the users. Moreover, WhatsApp v2.17.50 also brings the ability to italicise, bold and strikethrough the text from the typing bar for iPhone users. The users just have to tap and hold the word and then select an option.

Recently, Whatsapp rolled out Status feature for the desktop version of the app. Users on Whatsapp Web will now see a circular icon placed next to their profile picture on the chat window. In order to view the status of their contacts the users just have to click on the icon. After this, they will be redirected to a new screen with a black background which will show the status updates of their contacts placed on the left side of the screen. Users can view the status by clicking on the circular images. As is the case with the mobile version, users will also be able to reply to the status message.


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