Liquid diet is what we intake completely consists of liquid consistancy, semisolid drinks, fruit juices, etc.

People who are suffering with excessive weight, obesity, blotting, G I gastrointestinal problems will go through liquid diet mostly.

By following liquid diet regularly our body loss calories which are required for our body metabolism this process leads to weight loss.

For beginners who are followed by regular exercises is better to go through it. People who are with excessive fat follow this by step wise other wise it leads your body loss of energy, weakness, illness, metabolism slows down.

Main advantage of having liquid diet is keeps your body hydrated, regulates fitness, perfect shape, removes excessive fat.

It is not recommended to go through always users are stick to this diet for 2 to 3 weeks. Some of the Liquids are:

Orange juice
Green tea
Dark choclate
Protein shakes
Ginger with ghee
Butter milk
Veggie smoothies
Dry nuts milk

Broth gives strength to your bones & keep your muscles active. Clear liquid diet opaque foods with smooth consistency. It is boon for our digestive tract & makes free bowl movement, empty space in your body, cleansing body removal of unwanted food stuff.


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