VIDEO: What could be a more awkward incident than this. Yes, you read it right! A bus driver from karnataka let monkey to control the bus steering wheel as the driver changes gears.

After this sparking video went viral on the social media, the Indian bus driver who let monkey to drive the bus was suspended on Saturday.

According to the reports, the monkey boarded the vehicle with another passenger but refused to sit anywhere but up front as the bus travelled around Davanagere from regional capital Bangalore, when the incident took place.

In the bizzare video, the 36-year-old bus driver named as M Prakash, can be seen smiling and careless had let the monkey to sit atop of the steering wheel of the moving bus and continued their journey.

There were around 30 passengers on the bus but on boarding none of them complained.

After it went viral on social media, a spokeperson said: “The safety of passengers cannot be put at risk by allowing a monkey on the steering wheel”.

“So sweet. Why suspend. He should have been warned not to repeat this,” Parag Heda tweeted.

Someone tweeted: “I would have transferred him from transport department to animal welfare (or forest) department with a bonus.”

However, most of the social media users refused to consider the action harmless, and made fun and memes of it.

“We have removed the driver from duty and have asked the divisional security inspector to conduct an inquiry. He won’t be assigned any other duty till the probe is completed. He could even be suspended,” said a KSRTC official.

This whole incident was captured by the fellow passennger. The state transport authority said an investigation was being conducted and “Endangering passengers” lives is not acceptable.


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