In a shocking and heart-wrenching incident, A man in Haryana A man from Haryana has been arrested for brutally murdering his two minor nephews and a niece, apparently on the instructions of the father of the kids.

Jagdeep Malik, 25, a resident of Sarsa village, shot the kids in the back of their heads with a country-made pistol on Sunday night and dumped their bodies in a secluded forest of Morni hills near Sher Gujra village. The bodies were recovered on Tuesday morning. Investigators have also recovered the weapon.

According to reports, Jagdeep has told police officials that his cousin and father of the three siblings, Sonu Malik, 32, had told him to kill the kids.

Officials say Sonu, who ran a photo studio in Kaithal, had an extramarital affair which may have played some role in the killing. They are also looking at a likely a property dispute in the family.

The children were never seen alive after they left their home to play around 10.30 am on Sunday.

The police say their uncle Jagdeep followed them and asked them to get into his car, pretending he would take them to a fair. He took them, instead, to a deserted spot near a forest.

Reports suggest the oldest boy, Sameer, was the first to be shot dead. His uncle allegedly turned up the volume of the music in the car so his siblings couldn’t hear the gunshot.

One by one, he had the other children get out of the car, led them away and shot them, the police say.

Jeeta Malik, 63, paternal grandfather of the kids, said the three were last seen playing outside their house at around 10 am on Sunday and then they suddenly disappeared. Their mother raised the alarm when she noticed that all the three were missing for a while. Family members started searching for them at noon and informed local police in the evening.

The father and the uncle, on returning later that evening, joined the search. The police, when called, found Sonu Malik’s behaviour suspiciously detached during the search for his children.


On Monday night, Sonu and Jagdeep Malik were questioned. Hours later, their family heard the shocker.

Soon after the confession, Pehowa police officials took Jagdeep to Morni on Tuesday morning at 5 am and found Sameer’s body around 30 feet from the road in the forest area. Simran’s body was found a little further away while Samar’s body was lying about 2.5 km inside the forest.

Kurukshetra superintendent of police, Abhishek Garg, said, “We will arrest the father once the motive is established and his role is clear.”


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