Chennai: In a shocking & horrific incident, An autorickshaw driver allegedly killed his 17-year-old mentally challenged daughter by strangulating her to death in Chennai.

Minutes after killing his daughter, the father surrendered before the police. The accused confessed to the police that he could not see his daughter suffer and therefore decided to kill her.

The accused Adhikesavan is a resident of Nerkundram locality in Chennai. His wife Mohana left him 10 years ago due to difference of opinion. The couple had two children–while the son, 18, stayed with father, the daughter lived with the mother.

Adhikesavan’s daughter Kowsalya used to visit him and her brother once every month. During many such visits, Adhikesavan would take his daughter to various doctors with the hope of finding a cure for her illness.

On September 13, Adhikesavan’s wife turned up at his house unexpectedly and left Koswalya with him and disappeared. At Adhikesavan’s house, 17-year-old Koswalya suffered multiple seizures and would often turn violent.

On Wednesday morning, around 11.30 am, Kowsalya suffered an epileptic attack and her condition deteriorated. Unable to watch her suffer, Adhikesavan placed his daughter’s head on his lap, took a nylon wire and allegedly strangled her to death.

After allegedly killing his daughter, Adhikesavan went to the Koyambedu police station, told the cops what he had done, and surrendered before them.

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Inspector Rajendran rushed to Adhikesavan’s house and later confirmed that Kowsalya was dead. Adhikesavan was arrested and his daughter’s body was taken to a government hospital for autopsy.

The incident has shocked Adhikesavan’s neighbours as well as the police.


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