Yes, you read it right as this 13-year-old schoolboy cricketer Luke Robinson, in England took six wickets in six balls, all of them clean bowled.

The 13-year old kid from England, Durham, Luke Robinson created history in cricket by registering six wickets in an over. Interestingly, all his six wickets were clean-bowled. The achievement-registered-match took place at Durham city, Langley Park in a cup game.

The father of Robinson who is also the bowling coach and the umpire said that ”It was a surreal experience. He’d actually bowled two overs and not had any wickets. He was asking to be changed so that he could save his last one for later on in the innings. But I told him to keep on going and what he produced was just a procession.”
The feat will always be a special excitement for Robinson’s family as everyone in the family experienced the achievement live on the field. Luke’s father is the umpire of the match while his mother Helen is the scorer of the match who is the first person to register the feat on the paper. The brother of Robinson is also on the field in the same jersey while grandfather was among the audience.

The head coach of Luke Robinson revealed that the youngster had put in much hard work in the nets session and reaped rewards through it. Coaching under the Durham’s head coach, Cook and the former Durham lethal bowler, Neil Killeen also made an impact on his bowling approach.

“He works hard at his cricket and plays hard too. He’s benefitted from some quality coaching at the club from the likes of former Durham County Cricket Club head coach Geoff Cook and former Durham bowler Neil Killeen,” added Stephen.


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