Teen Couples Hanged To Death Inside OYO Rooms

In a case of double suicide, two teenagers – a girl and a boy were found hanging from the ceiling fan of an Oyo Rooms hotel in Dwarka Sector 17, Delhi on Friday evening.

The bodies were recovered at around 4 pm from an Oyo Rooms hotel after the girl and the boy failed to check out.

The girl was a first-year medical student while the boy was preparing for the IIT entrance exam and they knew each other for three years, While the girl’s father is a CRPF radio operator, the boy’s father runs a grocery store.

The two had checked in to the hotel on Thursday evening and did not order any food and did not step out of the room all day. However, after they failed to emerge from the room, hotel staff knocked on the room’s door at noon but did not receive an answer.

At around 3 pm, the staff once again knocked on the door but failed to elicit an answer for the second time. Following this, hotel authorities informed Delhi Police.

Police officials then broke open the door at around 4 pm and discovered the boy and girl hanging from a ceiling fan inside.

Initial investigation into the incident points to suicide, but notably, no suicide note was recovered from the room. The boy and the girl are believed to be around 18 to 19 years old, but Delhi Police has said they suspect the boy could be a few months younger than 18.

“It appears that the couple wished to get married but their parents were against the relationship. We are trying to find out what drove them to take such a step. We do not suspect any foul play as the door was locked from inside,” a police officer said.

Cops have identified the two as residents of Delhi and have informed their respective parents. The case is currently being investigated from multiple angles and cops have been able to determine that the boy, while leaving his house on Thursday, had said that he was heading to his tuition class.


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