sunny-leone plane crash

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone’s private plane apparently ‘almost crashed’ through bad weather in Maharashtra on Wednesday.

The 36-year-old Bollywood actress was en route Mumbai with her husband Daniel Weber when the plane reportedly made an emergency landing at the Aurangabad airport and the pilot of Air C-90 plane decided not to fly further due to bad weather conditions.

Sunny Leone continued the rest of the journey by road and thanked the pilots for getting them through safely.

She tweeted: “Have to thank the pilots for doing such an amazing job getting us through and alive. But you know it’s bad when the pilot starts praying mid-air.

She also posted a video on Instagram, in which she said: “Our plane almost just crashed and now we’re in some remote place in Maharashtra and now we are driving home. Everybody was freaking out on the plane. We’re alive. We’re going home.”


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