Stray Dogs Drag Infant’s Body And Mauled Into Pieces

In a shocking and heartbreaking incident, A Stray dogs mauled an infant’s body inside a government hospital in Indore on Sunday morning.

This shocking scene was not noticed by the staff of Maharaja Yeshwantrao government hospital but by a visitor who took the body away from the dogs and also informed the local police about it.

According to eyewitnesses, they saw a dog carrying the body of a newborn in its mouth in the garden of the hospital premises. Few more dogs joined and started mauling the baby.

“When patients and their relatives saw the dogs mauling the body, they gathered at the garden’s gate which was locked. They shouted but nobody from the hospital administration paid attention to them. I had come to attend my relative. I jumped upon the gate and shooed the dogs away,” said Tikam Sharma, a resident of Indore.

Other visitors who witnessed the scene said despite repeated attempts to contact the hospital superintendent, VS Paul, the latter neither answered the call nor came to the hospital.

“In the preliminary investigation, it was found that the body was of a newborn, who died after just after his birth. The body was kept carelessly in the mortuary from where it dragged by the dog. The body was sent for post mortem and things will be more clear after the report comes. We have registered a case and further investigation is on”, said Indore police officer.

People claim this is not the first time, bodies being mishandled in the hospital has been reported. In January, a body of a newborn was mauled by the dogs while a youth’s body was found swarming by ants in May.


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