Mystery Revealed: Missing Husband Killed By Swathi’s Father In Hyderabad

swathi naresh mystery.jpg

swathi naresh mystery.jpg

 Honour Killing: Mystery Revealed Of Naresh Missing Case

Hyderabad: The Mystery of Naresh and Swathi case which was a challenge for police has been finally chased today. Swathi’s father Srinivas reddy and his uncle allegedly killed Naresh and burnt his body in their agricultural field.

Swathi-Naresh both loved each other and got married and they fled to Mumbai. After knowing about Swathi and Naresh marriage Swathi’s father, Srinivas Reddy, appealed and told them to come to their resident in Bhuvanagiri.

After arriving at Bhuvanagiri, Swathi was taken to home and they locked her in a room and she later attempted suicide by drinking toilet cleaner and she was taken to hospital and doctors saved her life.

But Shortly after that, on May 16, Swathi died by committing suicide by hanging herself in her room and She took a selfie video, in which she blamed Naresh and his parents responsible for her death as she has been harassed for money and other reasons.

Then Swathi’s father filed a complaint on Naresh arguing that his daughter committed suicide because of Naresh and police registered the case.

From the beginning, Naresh’s parents have been suspecting the role of Swathi’s father and her family members, behind Naresh’s missing. Naresh’s parents also went to the high court seeking direction to Telangana police to trace Naresh and they also mentioned that police had not questioned Srinivas Reddy.

The petition was filed to speed up the inquiry and on Friday night, finally Srinivas was taken into custody by police and during the interrogation, he confessed that Naresh is no more as Naresh was brutally killed and the body was burnt in the field and in this manner, Naresh’s murder mystery came out.

One of the Rachakonda Police added, ”On the day Naresh was murdered, Swathi was alive. They made Swathi telephone Naresh to their agriculture field in Bongir. Naresh, who was in Uppal, reached Bongir, where he was murdered. The motive of the murder is that Srinivas Reddy could not accept that his daughter had intercaste marriage that too to a lower caste person,”.

The two were arrested by police along with Swathi’s father Srinivas Reddy. Hearing the news of Naresh’s death, his parents cried out.


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