In a shocking & horrifc incident, A Texas woman on Thursday shot her two daughters dead in her home and later told her husband that she had shot the kids.

The woman had tried to kill herself right after shooting down the kids. Identified as Sarah Henderson, the woman even tried to kill him but the gun malfunctioned.

7-year-old Kaylee Danielle and 5-year-old Kenlie were reportedly shot in the head. Sarah Henderson was arrested by the police and it was later revealed that she had been planning to kill her children for two weeks.

Her husband Jacob Henderson had called the police second time, authorities said. The first call to 911 was made at around 11:30 PM on Wednesday when Henderson had told the police that her wife was possibly suicidal.

“My wife she’s like, I don’t know,” Jacob allegedly told the police, adding, “She won’t listen to me. She won’t talk to me.” When the authorities called back, the family reported no problem.

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Three hours later Jacob called again and told the police that her wife had shot the kids. He told the police that her wife was asleep when he went to sleep. When he woke up, she came and said, “Babe, I just shot the kids.” While he was talking with the operator, she kept murmuring: “Why did I do that, babe?God, forgive me, please.”

“There was not much emotion. It was just matter-of-fact,” the sheriff said.

Her bail was set at $2 million.


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