In a heart-wrenching incident a 4-months pregnant woman was brutally assaulted and burnt to death by her husband in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu.

Shalini, from Alangudi, got married to Seeman from Marthandam on May 22, 2017. Her family had reportedly given Rs 7 lakh as dowry to Seeman’s family. However, things weren’t going well for Shalini post marriage.

Neighbours stated that Seeman was jobless and lived off on the dowry money.

As he has spent all of it, he was pushing Shalini to get more money from her family. She always denied to comply to her husband’s wishes and their argument would often escalate into a fight.

On Sunday morning things turned ugly, as their argument took a violent turn.

In a fit of rage, Seeman attacked Shalini with a kitchen grinder. Shalini fell down after the brutal attack. Seeman pulled her towards the kitchen, opened the gas and set her on fire.

Engulfed in flames, Shalini ran out screaming in excruciating pain. The neighbours heard her cry, but before anyone could help, she was charred to death.

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After the incident, Seeman tried to hang himself, which according to neighbours, was just another ploy to escape law authorities.

Shalini’s family reached the spot and were seen crying profusely. The entire kitchen was covered with her blood.

Seeman was arrested by the police, and Shalini’s body was transported to Kulitharai Government Hospital.


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