In a dramatic incident, A kidnapping bid was foiled in Rohini on Tuesday night and an abducted businessman rescued within an hour of the incident.

Talking on the phone while driving is considered an unsafe practice, but it saved a businessman from abductors as his girlfriend on video chat with him had immediately alerted his parents, who allegedly kidnapped him at gunpoint while on his way home.

The parents immediately called up police, who rescued him in less than an hour after a brief encounter.

A senior police officer said Nithish Arora (23), a Pitampura resident, was returning home from his factory in Kundli Industrial Area late on August 29 when he noticed a car with a group of persons inside following him. After tailing him for about 2 to 3 kms, the men allegedly rammed the victim’s car with their vehicle as a pretext to stop him and start an argument.

When Arora was arguing with the accused, he was talking to one of his friend over the phone. Hearing the conversation, the victim’s female friend got alarmed and immediately alerted the relatives of the victim who in turn informed the police.

“We tracked the location of the victim’s car through electronic surveillance and the police patrol party reached the spot were changing a flat tyre of the car. The victim was gagged and dumped in the boot of his car. Arora’s relatives also reached the spot and identified the car from a distance,” Pal said. Police surrounded the vehicle after calling in reinforcements.

The kidnappers panicked after finding themselves surrounded by the police, started firing at them. The police fired back at the accused, injuring one of the suspects.

“Both kidnappers were arrested and recovered one loaded pistol and two live cartridges from them. The criminals have previous involvements in heinous cases and are residents of Noida,” said the officer.


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