human like fish

Recently, a video of a human like fish which has been surfaced in social media is going viral. It looks with strange creatures and visions was said to be found in Vishakapatnam sea is completely fake.

The fake news which spread over the internet was said that the fishermen who was form Visakhapatnam had found the fish while fishing in sea.

In the below video, we can see the fish’s hands were tied and the two arms were pulled back which made the people blindly believe to be real creature, but it’s not really what we thought.


The real secret behind the video is, as it was a work of art created by an artist. The news published in Myanmar stated that it was an artist from Myanmar created a masterpiece using wood and fiber and this artwork is made of a motor in its throat to make it look natural.

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Photos and videos have already become viral around the world. In the end, this news also went viral in Pakistan quoting it was found in the waters of Pak-Sea.




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