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samsung apple and google phone offers

Huge Discounts On Apple, Samsung & Google Smartphones

Chinese e-commerce company – Alibaba-backed digital payments and Paytm is offering major discounts on flagship smartphones from Apple, Google and Samsung.

The discounts are available across all storage variants of the smartphones, along with a few exciting cash back offers.

Coming to offers in Apple, the iPhone 7’s 32GB variant is available at Rs 45,000 (originally priced at Rs 60,000) onwards, with an additional cash back of Rs 5,850 and the 128GB version (originally Rs 70,000) is available at 53,000 onwards and also has a cash back offer of Rs 6,400.

As for the iPhone 7 Plus‘ 32GB variant, it’s available at Rs 58,000, down from its original price of Rs 72,000. The 128GB variant, which had an original price of Rs 82,000, is available at Rs 66,000. And The both variants also have a cash back offer of Rs 7,000.

Coming to Google, the 32GB Pixel is available at Rs 40,399 onwards(Original price is Rs 57,000). The 128 GB variant of the same smartphone, which was launched originally at Rs 66,000, is available at Rs 50,490 onwards.

As for the Pixel XL, its 32GB variant can be purchased at Rs 50,490, while the 128GB variant is being sold at Rs 61,290. All Google Pixel smartphones have a cash back of 15%, regardless of the model and the storage variant.

Samsung also offers its flagship mobiles namely, the 32GB variant of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is being sold at a discount of Rs 8,600, bringing its effective price to Rs 43,400 onwards. The 32GB variant of Galaxy S7 edge is available at Rs 49,300(Original price of Rs 60,000). But Samsung smartphones doesn’t offers any cash back.

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