KERALA: In yet another shocking incident, a 66-year-old man in Kerala murdered his own son and commits suicide, reportedly for causing trouble to the family under the influence of drugs.

The distraught father went one step further. After killing his son on Tuesday night, he decided to take his own life as well, on Wednesday morning.

The two victims have been identified as 26-year-old Manoj and his father, 66-year-old Pavanan. Manoj’s throat had been slit, and Pavanan was found hanging from the ceiling of the kitchen.

The police yet assert the exact timings of the deaths. Pavanan has left a suicide note saying that he killed his son. “The letter says that he was forced to do it as there was no other option left. ‘I did the crime myself,’ the letter says,” Vadakkekara police told reporters.

“From the information we have, Manoj was a drug addict and he used to cause trouble for his family. A scientific team has been examining the crime spot. The bodies have been kept at the house only. We are waiting for the team to finish their examination. We assume that the murder happened on Tuesday night. Pavanan committed suicide after 7.30 am as there are people who have seen him before that,” the police added.

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The family had moved from Cherayi to Vadakkekara a few months ago. Pavanan’s elder son and his wife were away at a relative’s house at the time of the deaths.

“No one else was at the house when the crime occurred. Pavanan’s brother came to the house after the phone calls remained unanswered,” the police said.

Pavanan is a retried government employee. He was an army personnel before joining the government service.


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