And this picture is not from game of thrones.


Many of you who are reading this article may have heard of this place at least once in your life. If not, you may be non-Indian. But, hearing about this place doesn’t mean knowing about it completely. So, I assure you by the end of this article you will have a complete overview about this place. Let’s get started.

Well, Ladakh(land of high passes) is the region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir with an altitude of more than 3000 meters well known for its mountain ranges, mixed culture on India and Tibet, festivals, rivers. So let me walk you through ladakh.

Once in a life: It stays memorable when you go to a place for the very first time and its lifetime memorable when you go to ladakh on a bike roaring with no speed limit on the vast roads where you see the gigantic mountains and you feel you’re approaching heaven ofcourse you’re!

Ravishing rivers: Seeing the ice cubes melt on your hands and feeling the cool melted water must be a nice feeling. Now, what if it’s done by mother nature? The rivers in ladakh originates from snow mountains travelling kilometres passes through mountains comes near your camp.

And this picture is not from game of thrones.

Tremendous trekking: How can one forget describing about trekking in India’s most favourite trekking destination. It’s good when you trek and it’s very good when trek on mountains but it’s amazing when you trek on The greater Himalayas. It’s okay if you’re a newbie. The trekking in ladakh starts from 7 days to 1 month and also choose the treks(easy, moderate and rough). And when reach the cliff of the mountains and glance the view, goose bumps guaranteed!

Fabulous festivals: Well, the festivals here are so larger than life that you feel blessed feeling the aura of those historic events. They’re so colourful and special. You’ll be thrilled by the costumes the people wear during festivals. When you plan a trip to ladakh make sure one of the festivals come in the planned time.Buy’em all: You may think that the place like ladakh is not the place to buy things but you’ll be shocked by visiting the shops. There are such things which can never find in any other place. Things like jewellery, paintings, clothing are some of many things you could buy.
And I should mention the best time for visiting ladakh is from june to October remaining time most of the region is closed by snow.





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