When it comes to connecting with people, we all know how instantly our mind runs. What profession must they be having? What is unique about that person? What must be their hobbies? Where are they from? Are they even genuine? Such a question arises when we want to socialize our life and include new people in our lives. Apart from this, when we download a social media app, we tend to think that people may are not genuine. Or the services of the app must be entirely or similar to the other apps in the world.

Let’s keep the massive bubble of questions aside and solve them one by one after I introduce you to this fantastic app. IamHere Nearby and Hyperlocal Social Network is the app that you need to install right away on your phone. I’ll tell you why.

I am here is a hyper-social networking app that lets you discover several people. Wait, not only people but also you can find people, talk to them and get to know about various professional services. This app brings NGOs and people. Apart from this, it brings you nearby businesses and people who have the same profession as you. Whether you are a book lover, pet owner, a sports player, a blogger, a foodie, a dancer, a fashion enthusiast, a photographer; you can quickly get a community from this app. IamHere app brings out neighbours in your app, which are having the same profession as you or you need to get services done by them.

Apart from this, you get professionals and businesses which are near you. From being designer to working as a freelancer, from lawyer to a doctor, from an architect to a comedian, from a video editor to get a tutor for yourself; you can get from this app. IamHere is at your rescue. It brings you customers who are developing an interest to get work done by you. You can easily collaborate with them, and it solves your problem too. We always have a mentality that social networkings apps are just for letting people meet each other. But IamHere Nearby and Hyperlocal Social Network are advertising your services and welcoming customers for you. This app thinks for both businesses and services.

If you are fond of different types of exhibitions, a stand-up comedy, waiting for a shopping flea. You can easily create your event and let the nearby community join you. This will not only boost your event’s interest among various people, but you can save the advertisement cost! How cool is that? If you are serving yourself to the country by doing social work such as volunteering, an activist, creating awareness of a social cause, a blood donation campaign or anything which is related to social work; you can effortlessly create your because Avatar’ which will help the community to contact you for any further information regarding the events.

IamHere Nearby and Hyperlocal Social Network build Open Circles that is very various communities such as Pet Community, Art Community, Food, Social Causes, Travel, and numerous services. You can easily connect with people and chat on it. You can discover your neighbors through this app. Because at the end we need some exposure to our social life. And this app is perfect for it. You can quickly build your network or provide services. Get your IamHere app for the best social media services. Connect and engage with this beautiful app!


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