A young 5-year-old schoolboy from Southend, Essex was shocked to discover a 3 feet Python and became frantic when he found the snake hissing back at him inside the toilet.

His mother, Laura Cowell, said that her son was ‘frantic’ after the incident in Southend, Essex, last Wednesday, adding that the toilet had been blocked for a couple of days and they could not work out why.

A person Ethan Pinion from the local pet store, Scales and Fangs, headed to the house and rescued the baby royal python – which is harmless – from the u-bend.

Laura said that the toilet was not functioning properly for a few days but she did not know why.

‘He was frantic and shaking, and I could tell something was wrong, but that was not what I expected’, Said Mrs Cowell.

She had to use a broom handle to lift the lid, then out popped its head and its tongue came out as well.

Rob Yeldham, who owns the Leigh-on-Sea store, added: ‘I’ve done many snake rescues in my 10 years, but I’ve never had one in a toilet before. It’s definitely a first for us,’ he said.

Mr Yeldham said he believes the snake may have escaped from a neighbouring home and slithered its way down the toilet – and into the Cowell’s bathroom.

Mrs Cowell said she was ‘petrified’ and put weights on the toilet lid for several days after the experience.


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