Hyderabad: Telangana’s Prohibition and Excise Department Continuing the crackdown on drug peddler. A new drugs case broke out again in Hyderabad city last night as seven peddlers were arrested by the police in the main area of Ameerpet, Mytrivanam – a center for educational institutions.

The Task Force police seized 2.5 kg of alprazolam and 500 gms of diazepam drugs.

According to the information that they are on the road, they have been robbed and attacked simultaneously from three sides.

They are currently investigating the case and will be brought before the court and then taken into custody. They said they were analyzing their cell phones on the supply of narcotics.

The police said that they were from Siddipet area and had come to take the drug from a person from Banswada area to give to another person in Hyderabad.

The police took them to custody at nearby SR Nagar police station and further investigation is under a probe.


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