Software Engineer Commits Suicide For “Lack Of Job Security” In IT 

In a shocking incident, A 25-year-old software engineer from Andhra Pradesh who had started working in Pune three days ago, jumped to his death from the fourth floor of a hotel in Pune cited ‘lack of job security’ in the industry in his suicide letter, the police has said.

“In IT there is no job security. I am worried a lot about my family,” Guruprasad wrote in his note.

Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, he had worked in Delhi, Hyderabad and had recently started working in Pune. He was placed in a software company in Pune three days ago, said API Jaisingkar.

He was provided with accommodation at a hotel in Viman Nagar, where he wrote a suicide note and inflicted 25 cuts on his left wrist with a knife. When that did not work out, he went to the terrace of the four-storied hotel and jumped to his death, API Jaisinghkar said.

The incident was reported by the manager of the hotel around 4 am on Wednesday. and the body of the 25-year-old techie from Krishna district in AP was taken to Sassoon General Hospital for post-mortem and shifted to Andhra Pradesh by afternoon. The hospital report showed fractured ribs and right arm, the police said.

The suicide comes amid protests against massive layoffs by IT companies across the country. Many IT professionals have expressed concerns over reports of layoffs, which have majorly resulted from the increase in difficulty in acquiring H-1B visas. Most Indian Information Technology companies use H-1B visas to send employees to the US.


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