2Kg Of Drugs Found In Air India Flight

A suspicious packet that contained narcotic substance was found in a food trolley of an Air India flight at Delhi airport on Thursday.

An Air India official said that a supervisor of Sky Gourmet, Air India’s catering service provider, found two packets hidden under the cutlery.

The supervisor noticed the packets while moving out the food trolley from the Air India flight that flew in from Chennai yesterday.

The packet was immediately seized, a senior official confirmed to Mail Today.

Sources informed that the packet weighed close to two kilos and the Narcotics Control Bureau officials later said it contained a mixture of Morphine weighing around 1895 gm.

The incident, marking a security breach, is most likely considered to be the hand of an insider but has left officials wondering how it was pulled-off.

Highly placed sources said there was a tip-off after which Customs intercepted a brown packet in the lower row of the food trolley, reported Mail Today.

The food trolley was loaded at Chennai and officials claim that only the employees and the cabin crew have access to them.


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