blue whale

Even as the alarm continues to spread across India over the frightening Blue Whale Challenge game, a suspected case of a suicide is reported in Hyderabad.

A 19-year-old suffocated himself to death by wrapping plastic around his face.

The incident was reported to the Cyberabad commissionerate on Saturday when the teen’s father approached police informing about his son’s suicide.

The victim T Varun lived with his family in Maple Town Villas, Ganndipet at outskirts of the city.

Varun who was studying BTech, was known as a loving and calm person, his death has raised suspicion.

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“We suspect he might have committed suicide while taking the challenge in the Blue Whale game. We have recovered his laptop and sent it for detailed forensic analysis,” said Inspector of Police V Umender while speaking to India Today.

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Earlier the Hyderabad Cyber Crimes Police had issued an advisory on the game, asking parents, education institutions and children to be cautious.


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