girl commits suicide

girl commits suicide

An 18-year-old student Dipti More committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling after she failed in two subjects in her Maharashtra HSC exams which were announced on Tuesday, May 30.

Dipti More was a student of Siddharth college. She was a bright student and was the eldest amongst three siblings. She had a lot of responsibilities and was the favourite amongst all and she was actually good in studies as she scored 85 percent marks in SSC.

According to the statement of a relative, Dipti went into depression when she learnt that she had failed in two subjects and She hung herself with her dupatta on late Tuesday afternoon when no one was home.

A suicide note has been recovered from her room that reads, “Dear Mom and Dad please don’t get angry on me. I am very sorry.”

Dipti missed the passing mark in two subjects just by four marks.

The Wadala TT police have registered ADR (Accidental Death Report) in the matter and are investigating the case.

More’s father works for a private company and is the sole bread winner of the family.


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