Bangkok: A lady from Thailand convinced 11 men to marry her before disappearing with their money. From each husband, she managed to convince the men to part with 6,000 to 30,000 US dollars before vanishing.

She used excuses such as she had to return money to her family as she conned one man after another. She was so convincing that she married four men in the month of August alone.

The police reported that in all she had married 11 men. The cat was out of the bag when a warning was posted on Facebook about her. It is however unclear who posted the warning. On seeing the warning the men approached the police and narrated tales of how they were conned.

It was revealed that she would find the men on Facebook. She would then meet them, have sex and then flee with the money. She has now been termed as the ‘Runaway Bride.”

Last night, Thai police captured the infamous “runaway bride” accused of marrying 12 men in order to con them out of millions of baht worth of dowry money. The twist is that she was already with a new husband.

She was arrested in the Sampran district of Nakhon Prathom around 8 pm yesterday on five warrants of fraud and embezzlement in five different provinces. These charges actually stem from crimes she committed even before her recent infamous crimes of marrying 12 men and disappearing with their dowry payments.

The woman has not been charged and the investigation is ongoing. The woman said she did not intend to cheat the men, of whom, she claimed, there were only 7 rather than 11 or more. She reportedly said the men had voluntarily invested money in the family’s fruit business.

Police want to interrogate her parents, The Bangkok Post reported, to determine whether they might have had a role in it.

The deceived gentlemen, who went to police for justice, are also hoping to protect others.

“I’m so hurt by what happened,” said Pirat Puengsuk as quoted in The Nation. “I want her to redeem herself and not do this to other people.”


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